Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct er vores retningslinjer for, hvordan vi gør hos Coredesign. Vores Code of Conduct, er det dokument, der beskriver de krav vi har til vores leverandørers CSR-indsats, og det er vores udgangspunkt for en ansvarlig leverandørstyring. Det er nemlig med afsæt i vores Code of Conduct, at vi går i dialog med vores udvalgte leverandører og det er med til at sikre at de er i stand til leve op til vores forventninger. Vi vælger vores leverandører med stor omhu.

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Code of Ethical Conduct

As a supplier to Denmark’s largest companies, Coredesign A/S strives to be a responsible and reliable partner. Coredesign A/S has no production but acts as a buyer or “middleman” for our customers. The majority of Coredesign A/S’ production is produced according to customers’ wishes and needs. By providing the right products, by providing high service and by creating transparency through the value chain, we want to help create security and to support a successful business for our customers. These are the values on which Coredesign A/S is founded.

Our CSR policy is based on the fact that we want to make a positive difference. Responsible supplier management and cooperation with suppliers is the area where we have the most influence and where we can make the biggest difference in terms of accountability.

Together with our suppliers and based on the UN Global Compact principles, we want to work to create a more responsible supply chain. We do this by proactively influencing and working with our suppliers to comply with internationally recognized principles of worker- and human rights, environmental factors, and anti-corruption.

  • Human rights, forced labor, child labor and discrimination.
  • Labor rights, working environment.
  • Wages and working hours, working conditions and freedom of association.
  • Anti-corruption
  • Environment

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